Between October 16 and November 18th, 2012, Dorothy and I took a road trip. We visited family, friends, and whatever struck our fancy.

Here are some statistics from the trip:



Gallons of gas:


Average per gallon cost of gas:


Cost of gas per mile:


Average food costs per day:


Average lodging costs per day:


States/Countries passed through:

Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Callifornia, Arizona, New Mexico, Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC

Lowest Temperature:

14° with six inches of snow at Rustic, CO

Highest Temperature:

97° in Death Valley and Riverside, CA
Highest Altitude:
10,000' Wolf Creek Pass and Kolob, UT
Lowest Altitude:
-242' in Death Valley, CA

A couple of days were mostly driving but usually we stopped for one thing or another. Click on an item to see what we did or saw.

Day 1

Day 2 (10/17)

Warthers Honors "Mooney" Warthers who carved train models from black walnut, ebony, bone and ivory. The tour is a little pricey but the carvings are outstanding.

Lehmans A general store with coal/word burning stoves. We bought some fudges and black walnut flavoring.

Barn, Ohio

Day 3

Day 4 (10/19)

Camping, Indiana Two nights with daughter and grandsons at a cabin. It rained of course.

Day 5 (10/20)

Train Museum Returning from camping, we stopped for lunch. Half of the building was a restaurant and half a railroad museum.

Claire's Capping Claire gets a nursing cap with two strips.

Day 6 (10/21)

Nauvoo, IL. Our cheapest lodging: $18.00.

Day 7

Day 8 (10/23)

Old House Even the tree had died.

Cawker City, KS The birth place of my maternal grandmother.

Geographic Center of the Contiguous States

Day 9: Longest travel day: St. Joseph, Missouri to Rustic, Colorado; 650+ miles; 12. 5 hours.

Day 10 (10/25)

Rustic, CO We wake up to six inches of snow and a temperature of 14 degrees.

Day 11 (10/26)

Cache la Poudre Canyon

Day 12 (10/27)

Old Homes/Ft. Collins We visited two of the places where I lived as a child

Day 13 (10/28)

Fort Collins to Dolores: Big Horn sheep and Mount Massive

Day 14 (10/29)

Old Home/Dolores This is the house Dorothy lived in as a child

Day 15 (10/30)

Moab to Orangeville, UT: Dirt Road and Old Ranch

Day 16 (10/31)

Delta, UT: Shoe Tree, Wheeler Shale, and Topaz Internment Camp

Day 17 (11/1)

Cove Fort, The Proper Edge of the Sky, Zion National Park

Day 18 (11/2)

Death Valley

Day 19 (11/3)

Michael's Baptizm

Day 20 (11/4)

Riverside, CA

Day 21

Day 22 (11/6)

Bower Museum

Day 23(11/7)

Red Rocks State Park near Las Vegas, NV

Day 24 (11/8)

Hoover Dam and Memorial Bridge

Day 25 (11/9)

Firewood and Fine Art (Arizona)

Day 26

Day 27 (11/11)

Stafford, AZ

Day 28 (11/12)

Deming Luna Museum, Columbus, NM, Champion Tree, Las Palomas, Mexico, Las Cruces, NM (A busy day!)

Day 29 (11/13)

White Sands

Day 30 (11/14)

Palo Dera State Park, TX

Day 31 (11/15)

Hot Springs, AR

Day 32 (11/16)

Garvan Woodland Gardens

Day 33 (11/17)

Lincoln Birthplace, Kentucky Hayfield

Day 34

Road Trip, 2012