Located west of the Arizona/California border along I8 is the unincorporated town of Felicity. There in Felicity is the History in Granite museum. The entrance fee is $3.00

The museum in an outdoor installation of engraved granite slabs depicting history. Depictions include the story of the French Foreign Legion, French aviation, The US Marine Corps, geologic history, Roman history, etc., etc., etc. The slabs have been built to last 4000 years.

A "Center of the World" pyramid stands at the south end of the park. For $5.00 you can go inside. When you leave, you receive a certificate signed by the mayor of Felicty and founder of the museum.

A small chapel, dedicated by both a Catholic priest and a Protestant pastor stands at the top of a flat-top pyramid. There are 49 steps. There is no significance to the number of steps.

Here are some pictures:

Located east of the Arizona/California border along I8 is Painted Rock Petroglyph Site. The entrance fee is $2.00.

Native Americans engraved rocks on a small hill by chipping away the desert varnish to depict images. The images are estimated to be several thousand years old.

Here are some pictures:

How little human nature has changed over millennium!