Dorena, Missouri to Hickman, Kentucky  

There is a ferry between Dorena, Missouri and Hickman, Kentucky. It's the only link between Missouri and Kentucky. There are bridges across the Mississippi River at Cairo, Illinois to the north and Caruthersville, Tennessee to the south. We took it on September 28, 2011.

When you approach from the West, the topography is flat with fields of corn, soybeans, and cotton. Large drainage ditches bisect the fields..

As you come to the top of the levee, there is a warning sign.
Then you come to the sign for the ferry.
And the road really does end in the water.
After a bit, the ferry approaches from Kentucky.
And the cars from Kentucky get off.
Then the cars from Missouri get on.
The Mississippi is muddy.
We pass a tug and barges on the Kentucky side.
We land in Kentucky.
The eastern shore is hilly. This is a shot from Hickman looking south toward the river.