Flowers of the Great Plains

In June, 2013, we traveled to Colorado for a funeral. While there
we went to Pawnee Buttes in Weld County. Traveling back we went to Devil's
Tower and Badlands National Park. Here are some flower we saw
along the way. 

In researching these, I discovered a website by Dr. Mary L. Dubler, a
veterinarian in Fort Collins. It covers Colorado wildflowers very well.

Mariposa Lily

Copper Mallow

Prairie Phlox, white and purple

Wild Rose

Blue Flax

Rydberg's Penstemon, blue and white

Primrose, two different species, white and yellow


Hooker's Sandwort


Whiskbroom Parsley

Meadow Death Camus

Simple Campion

Another Groundsel species

Manystem Pea

Wild Begonia

Drummond Milkvetch