These are those which I believe I nailed, i.e., I think they're great photographs—usually I was just lucky.

On November 1, 2016, during a flight from Chicago to Philadelphia, I noticed the pale arcs shown above at approximately mid-flight. My window seat faced northeast, away from the Sun. The sky was relatively cloudless except for patches of cirrus clouds and a number of contrails. At times, the arcs would brighten and then fade as the plane passed through the thin clouds.
All of these halos are seen below where the horizon would be located. They result from an extra reflection of sunlight within ice crystals positioned below the airplane. The bright spot at lower center is the subanthelic point (antisolar point). Note that you can just see the shadow of the airplane within this spot—the shadow of a contrail shadow streams away at left. The curved halo is referred to as the subparhelic circle. Additionally, the v-shaped arcs radiating upwards and downwards are rare Parry antisolar arcs. Click here to learn more about these rarely observed arcs.
I got up well before dawn, drove 70+ miles east from Fort Collins, Colorado, walked a mile up and down arroyos in the dark and cold (It was late November.) scaring sleepy cows until I got east of Pawnee Buttes in Northeastern Colorado. I got lucky. It was a great sunrise.
This is Whiskbroom Parsley, Harbouria trachypleura. It's growing in a crack in a ledge. The rock are Oligocene, the White River Formationl near Pawnee Buttes in northeaster Colorad.
Summer time: An Amish farm in Lancaster, PA with daisies and chicory in the foreground, an HDR image.
The flat fields along the Wabash River northeast of Lafayette, IN, with a tree in winter.
Buttes along the Colorado River in Utah. The red rocks and green bushes makes this photo for me.
Plowed fields in the Palouse in western Washington State during a light snow storm. I love the pattern of the fields.
The Mormon temple in Nauvoo, Il at sunset with the statues of Hyrum and Joseph Smith. I like the contrast between the light temple and the dark statues.
A small church in eastern Wyoming: I go for contrast of color/shade/shape/texture and this has it all: the white church, the dark pines, the tan rocks, the straight lines of the siding of the church, the rough rocks. In addition, the steeple of the church is emulated by the column of the rock. An HDR image. The Washington, DC temple on an overcast fall day. The gold of the spires shine against the gray sky and the mums in the foreground make this a great picture.
A sphinx moth feeds on a sunflower. Note the shadow on the flower.