Devonian Fossils


The Devonian Period, The Age of Fishes, lasted for 60 million years ending 359 million years ago. Fish poliferated and sharks appears. The first four-limbed animals made it onto land.

I've collected Devonian fossils from several deposits.


Albany, New York

These are from quarry southwest of Albany. The brachiopods are unusually large, 2 or more inches for each specimen. In most cases, the shell material has dissolved leaving casts.

Brachiopod sp.

Brachiopod sp.

Brachiopod sp.

A gastropod
This brachiopod is from another site near Albany. It's about an inch across.

Leptaena sp.
I thought this was a tabulate coral but recent information leads me to believe it may be a receptaculite, a calcareous algae. More research needed. The second image is many branching and lacey bryozoan.

Dingman's Ferry

This is a site in eastern Pennsylvania on the west side of the Delaware River.

A piece of a trilobite head and brachiopods

Mansfield, Pennsylvania

Lock Haven Formation: Several different species of brachiopods

Mahantango Formation, Montour County, Pennsylvania

Michelinoceras sp.

Horn corals

Part of a crinoid arm

Pleurodictyum sp. (bottom)

Pleurodictyum sp. (side view)

Swatara Gap, Pennsylvania

In addition to Ordivician deposits at Swatara Gap, there is some Devonian shale. The fossils are small and deformed.

Horn coral


Sylvania, Ohio

My first trilobite

Phacops rana

Paraspirifer bownockeri (pyritized)