Triassic Fossils


Late in the Triassic into the Jurassic, North America and Europe began to split apart to form the Atlantic Ocean. (The oldest deposits in the Atlantic Ocean are Jurassic.) Rift valleys and volcanoes similar to the rift valleys in east Africa formed as the plates moved apart. Lake sediments and basalt along eastern North America are evidence of this tectonic action . Ganoid fish are common fossils and dinosaur foot prints are common trace fossils.

The Triassic Period is the opening act of the Mesozoic Era starting 252 million years ago. The dinosaur appear in the Triassic and rule for over 180 million years until a meteor ended their reign.

Newark Formation, Middletown, Connecticut


A dinosaur footprint 6 inches long.

Three Redfieldius fish along the top of the image, a Seminotus fish below them. The Seminotus fish is 8 inches long.

The Seminotus specimen

Detail of Seminotus showing typical trapzoidal scales of ganoid fish and long bones in the tail and fins.

The Redfieldius specimen