Holocene Fossils


The current thinking is to end this epoch about 200 or 300 years ago at the beginning of the Industrial Revolutionor when the influence of man on the earth started to have major impact on ecology and call the current time, "Anthopocene."

If that's the case, then all of this material fits in the Holocene.

Weld County, Colorado

Colorado and Wyoming 

SW Colorado

I came across a bunch of bones eroding out of a wash near Pawnee Buttes in Weld County. Among the bones of an extinct bison was this Yuma point. Unfortunately, the tip is broken off.

Arrowheads and scrapers that were collected by my father as a child on his family homestead northwest of Craig, Colorado and others which I've picked up in Colorado and Wyoming while looking for fossils.

A couple of pot shards picked up in southwestern Colorado.

Dolores County, Colorado

I found this travertine in a road cut in Mancos County, Colorado, thinking it might make an interesting book end. You can see it has nice color and bands. However, when I cut into and polished it, near the bottom is a little (5mm long) streak that didn't fit the rest of the pattern. Turned out to be a centipede caught when the calcite crystalized.